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Project Discussion

At the beginning we'll make sure to understand your research focus and what you want to achieve with the analysis exactly. Depending on your scientific question at hand we'll then use our long-standing metagenomic sequencing knowledge and the broad range of available technologies to consult you about the best combination of methods to use. You will then receive a project specific quotation including all suitable options and further details.

Your benefits are: 

  • Free of charge and in-depth consulting
  • Flexibility with a broad spectrum of up-to-date technologies
  • Detailed and comprehensive quotations including all options


Start of the Project

After placing your metagenomic sequencing order with IMGM Laboratories, a personal project manager is assigned to take care of your project from start to finish. He or she will be your direct contact person and keep you updated regularly. You will receive sample submission guidance and final decisions about primers, PCR-conditions, etc. can be settled. Once your samples arrive at IMGM they will be quality checked and stored for immediate or later use.

Your benefits are:

  • Personal project manager as direct lab contact
  • Regular updates on your project status
  • Quality checks of your samples


Library Construction

Library construction for metagenomic sequencing analysis can be quite challenging and it is good that we have experienced project managers in our team. After each crucial step in library construction, the samples will be rigorously purified and quality checked. In case of sample failures, i.e. if standard quality thresholds are not met, you will be immediately consulted by your personal project manager. Then you can decide whether you would like to replace these samples or exclude them from further analysis. Thereby we make sure that you don't lose sequencing capacity to 'bad' samples. If you are searching to increase the quality of your results, our recent library preparation method is perfect for you. Lea-Seq stands for low error amplicon sequencing and enables bioinformatic correction of random errors which occur during PCR elongation and sequencing.

Your benefits are:

  • Experienced team in metagenomics library construction
  • Rigorous quality checks to ensure sequencing success
  • Get the most from your samples by using our new library preparation method LEA-Seq



Metagenomic sequencing will be performed on any of our NGS platforms, depending on the exact application and your project specifications. For example, if you first want to have a rough idea of sample composition (e.g. standard 16S sequencing), if you want to sequence numerous samples or if you want to check which genes are active (RNA sequencing), then you need a platform such as the Illumina HiSeq, NextSeq or MiSeq, which offer highest sequencing capacity with different read lengths between 2x100 bp and 2x300 bp. On the other hand, if you are looking for a most detailed characterization of your communitiy samples where read length matters most (e.g. taxonomic assignment or the search for new sequences), then we suggest to contact us in order to discuss the appropriate project design. To learn more about the technological background of NGS sequencing please visit our NGS technology sites.

Your benefits are:

  • Choose the platform that fits your experiment, not the other way around
  • High-quality data from state-of-the-art technology platforms
  • Take advantage of our expertise in long amplicon sequencing



Bioinformatics analysis will be performed using either commercial software tools or open source programs. Sequences can be clustered by sequence identity in so called OTUs (operational taxonomic units) followed by taxonomy assignment using different databases (e.g. greengenes, silva). You will receive interactive graphics depicting the taxonomy distribution in all samples. Using the information you give us about the samples we can also perform further analyses like alpha and beta analysis, which are showing if changes in the microbial community are correlated with different aspects of your experiment and/or sampling sites.

Your benefits are:

  • Comprehensive data analysis with interactive graphs
  • Choosing between open source or commercial software
  • Delivery of raw data as well as full data analysis results



To give you an idea about our extensive reports we offer you to have a look at a shortened and anonymous version, which you may order through our contact sheet. Therein, you'll find an extensive Materials and Methods section as well as a detailed description of results, including all data from quality checks. This can help in interpreting difficult samples correctly. In addition, results are clearly demonstrated in graphs and tables, making it easy for you to follow, even if you are not an experienced NGS user.

If you are interested in our medical/clinical report please contact us.

Your benefits are:

  • Detailed and comprehensive reporting
  • Including all quality check data
  • Written in publication style