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Project Discussion

At the beginning, we'll make sure to understand your research focus and what exactly you want to achieve with the analysis. Besides the scientific scope of your project, our discussion might address also e.g. the number of samples and genes involved.

Depending on your scientific question, we'll then use our long-standing biomarker discovery knowledge and the broad range of available technologies to advise you on the best combination of methods to use. You will then receive a project-specific quotation including all suitable options and further details. 

Your benefits are:

  • Free of charge and in-depth consulting
  • Flexibility due to a broad spectrum of up-to-date technologies
  • Detailed and comprehensive quotations including background information

Start of the Project

After placing your biomarker discovery order with IMGM (e.g. expression analysis, genotyping, sequencing), a personal project manager is assigned to take care of your project from start to finish. He or she will be your direct contact person and keep you updated regularly. Your project manager will give you sample submission guidance and will answer all further questions you might have. Once your samples have arrived at IMGM, they will be quality checked and stored for later use.

Your benefits are:

  • Personal project manager as direct lab contact
  • Regular updates on your project status
  • Quality checks of your samples

Sample Analysis

Depending on your specific project, we'll use the most appropriate of our technologies to get the most information out of your samples. 

Here is a list of analyses that IMGM can perform for you:

  • Next Generation Sequencing: RNA and DNA, targeted or whole genome/transcriptome sequencing on Illumina MiSeq, NextSeq, or HiSeq
  • Gene or miRNA expression analysis: (Custom) Agilent and Affymetrix Microarray or qPCR (e.g. TaqMan, SYBR Green) solutions
  • SNP or CNV Genotyping: Agilent, Affymetrix and Illumina Microarraysdigital PCR or  qPCR (e.g. TaqMan, SYBR Green) solutions

Quality checks are performed before and after each crucial sample processing step. In case of sample failures, i.e. if standard quality thresholds are not met, you will be immediately consulted by your personal project manager. Then you can decide whether you would like to replace these samples or exclude them from further analysis. Thereby we make sure that you don't compromise data quality by including 'bad' samples in your experiment.

Your benefits are:

  • Platform independent broadest portfolio
  • Team with extensive experience in biomarker discovery
  • Rigorous quality checks to ensure project success


Depending on the analysis type and according to your specifications, our expert team will perform bioinformatics analyses using either validated software tools or open source programs. Besides raw data and data analysis results (e.g. pathway or gene set enrichment analysis, variant calling or genotyping), you will also receive comprehensive graphics allowing you to understand all processes in detail.  

Your benefits are:

  • Comprehensive data analysis with meaningful graphs
  • Choosing between open source or commercial software
  • Delivery of raw data as well as full data analysis results


To give you an idea about our comprehensive reports, we offer you to have a look at a shortened and anonymous version, which you may order through our contact sheet. Therein, you will find an extensive materials and methods section as well as a detailed description of results, including all data from quality checks. This can help in interpreting difficult samples correctly. In addition, results are clearly demonstrated in graphs and tables making it easy for you to follow even if you are not an experienced technology user.

Your benefits are:

  • Detailed and comprehensive reporting
  • Including all quality check data and method descriptions
  • Written in publication-ready format